The masculine and the feminine energies

Feeling confirmed by The Other should always come as an enhancement on top of our already self confirmed identities as beautiful creatures of the feminine. When we lack this self-confirmation, we will struggle. We will look for confirmation in the wrong places or demand it from the wrong people. Or even be unaware of what kind of confirmation we’re lacking in the first place.


Happiness is not a myth

Happiness is not a constant, it is always coming and going. But it requires a constant set of skills and those we can practice. Every time I exert discipline and responsibility towards the way I act, feel or think, I become happy.


Inside the life of the female athlete

Bodybuilding has always been regarded as a masculine sport, in it’s essence. Women’s drive to succeed in it has been superficially viewed as controversial. The question begets: How do I march forward in a sport that demands me to be muscular, strong, shredded, symmetrical and yet express high levels of femininity and naturalness?


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