Eating & Training at Home

Eating & Training at Home

The way you eat while you’re in isolation, the living and working, doing everything from home, will be influenced mainly by your current objectives. The goals you have right now regarding your own body weight and the way you perceive your body, your relationship to your body, all these things are going to set you on a path.

A path you don’t know much about right now. The future “you” is not entirely clear and so is your future body. Sticking to the goals you may have had before this crisis began may feel futile or obsolete right now and you’re right to feel that way.

Your change in perspective doesn’t just relate to how you earn your money or how your health is going to look like in the long-term, but it also relates to how you perceive your own body.

This unknowingness bleeds in all areas of your life and you’re entitled to feel confused and to question whether your life is really all that planned out as you thought it was.

Maybe before this crisis began you were on a journey to lose some fat. Or maybe you have just started training at the gym and you were at the beginning of a new experience.

Whatever the moment, whatever the emotional space you were living in before everything started to change around you, this is still the perfect time for you to begin, to pursue exactly what interests you the most.

If you still want to lose weight and it’s not much harder for you to do it by being at home all the time, then that means you’re doing it for yourself, not for others. If you find that your training at home all of a sudden sucks completely and it doesn’t provide you with the same rush and the same good sensation, that may be an indication that your training sessions were externally forced onto you.

If we remove the external validation of strangers around us or the confirmation of your friends, your coach, your work colleagues and all of a sudden, we find ourselves devoid of any excitement towards what we were doing, we may have to start asking ourselves if we were doing all those things for us and not so that others validate who we are.

But if we remove the same external validation of the people around us and we find ourselves enjoying the same things, enjoying them with the same intensity, then what we were doing is indeed authentic.

It’s difficult to separate what we like for ourselves from what others like about us. You would have to be an emotional wizard to be able to completely separate what makes “YOU” completely and independently you and what makes “YOU” through the eyes of other people.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that it’s ok to question. It’s ok to wonder about the things you still do.

Some things will start to feel difficult. That doesn’t mean you have to quit, it doesn’t mean you have to stop. What you must do, though, is begin an exploration.

Maybe there is some kind of dietary change you should do but maybe the reasons behind it are different now.

Maybe you should stick to your training routine but the reasons behind continuing to train become different.

Whatever the moment you’re in right now remember that this is a time to keep some things and to release other things, but no matter what those are, discovering the real purpose behind everything that you do is the pillar of your life’s direction.

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