The masculine and the feminine energies

The masculine and the feminine energies

There is beauty in masculine energy. The same can be said for the feminine.

Too many of us, women, cannot see that properly.

It can also teach us how to be emotionally shut, how to feel scared of the men around us, how to feel bad when we receive compliments, how to see things in black and white, how to feel intimidated by every presence that’s bigger than our own. It also teaches us how to take what we witness during childhood as a golden compass for an adult living (which is false).

And finally, not being able to see this beauty determines us to be isolated, self-sustaining in a world of illusion, where fuel exclusively consists of tall, strong walls built there to keep us removed from all unknown/misunderstood energies that exist around us.

Because our nurture teaches us things; it teaches us how to be obedient, how to be successful wives, good mothers, good friends, and girlfriends.

It shows us how to develop ourselves with no help except for our own. It points to how to be brave, how to create a world made in our liking, how to develop a strong identity…at best.

There comes a moment, during adulthood when a woman sees this facade (because nature will always come biting). And although she’s been taught to trust the smoking mirrors, if she has some curiosity and desire to live a better life, she will start questioning.

And after some questions have been answered (but not all of them, that’s impossible), a woman can reach a place where she understands that masculine and feminine are two sides of the same coin and by mistrusting one, you reject the other as well.

In doing so, a woman risks losing herself. In looking only for one side of the coin, she becomes blind to the coin itself and it’s value. The truest form of existence is reached when a woman sees all sides of the coin when she can understand what’s written there and when she has the capacity to feel both energies in herself. Until she learns to create the feminine and the masculine in her own being, she will feel lost, confused, scared, guilty, bad, not worthy, naughty, sterile, asexual, overly-sexual, immature or old.

When she reaches this understanding and she’s able to create this coin for herself, she will bloom. More so, she will recognize the beauty and the divine in others around her. She will see Men as energies, she will discern which is mature, which is not.

This woman will become cerebral and harmonious in her choices, she will learn how to feed herself with other energies, sexually, intellectually, spiritually. 

She will stop looking to be completely fed by one singular energy, she will understand that we are multitudes, that we are complex beings who require diversity.

The woman then, will learn how to engulf a moral compass, an exterior social universe and a complete harmonious inner garden, by recognizing what energy is, being ready and wiling to give and to take what she desires and what she is to whomever she now decides to.

Feeling confirmed by The Other should always come as an enhancement on top of our already self confirmed identities as beautiful creatures of the feminine. When we lack this self-confirmation, we will struggle. We will look for confirmation in the wrong places or demand it from the wrong people. Or even be unaware of what kind of confirmation we’re lacking in the first place.

Let’s start by building The Masculine and The Feminine in us. Going back into us. And from there, we can begin to explore The World.

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