Use this anchor during difficult times

Use this anchor during difficult times

The journey you have lived so far is yours and yours alone; The pain, the joys, the memories, the experiences you have witnessed and the interpretation we gave onto those are yours and yours alone.

This is solace in itself because it shapes a certain individuality and specificity that you can carry with you wherever you go. That thought is not to scare you but to comfort that you exist, you are real and all that is is real as well.

The reality of who you are and the reality others attribute to who you are two different concepts you ought to observe with a critical mind eye.

You, as a being, are whole; with pains, with needs, with abilities, with offerings and simple traits. The sum of what you feel, what you think and what you have done so in the past is who you are at this moment.

If there is something that you find unpleasant about this, take a moment to ask yourself why is this unpleasant and what is unpleasantness to you.

If I told you…

You would have not been who you are now if it weren’t for all the experiences you have lived so far.

Do not attribute one negative experience to a negative trait you have. As well, do not attribute a good thing about your personality exclusively to good experiences that happened to you.

Rather, look at yourself as a pot of stew; your taste is the totality of all the ingredients being boiled together. Remove one ingredient and the stew will never ever be the same when you taste it in a single moment.

Look at the ingredients as simple ingredients, not as bad or good ingredients. They all serve the purpose of finalizing a certain taste.

Your present life is conjured by the sum of everything that ever happened to you. Your future life will be conjured by the sum of all the experiences that happened to you and the experiences that are happening right now.

If that does not feel empowering…
It should.

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  1. Hellen

    A truly inspiring article. I love reading your posts. <3

    1. The Nurturing Woman

      Thank you, Hellen! You can also check out this article that will also inspire you during difficult times!

      Kind wishes!

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